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Tuesday Tip - What Do I Wear To My Shoot?

One of the most common questions i get is "what do you suggest i wear?" and honestly, it's a tough question to answer as each shoot is different, each client is different, and it's all about feeling your best in order to look your best!

But i figured i would offer up some tips to help you with your wardrobe worries!

  • note these are simply tips and i don't advise using ALL tips in one shoot, tips can be used for a variety of shoot styles but there isn't one size fits all here

  1. Dark Clothing to Slenderize - i love to suggest royal colors such as navy, maroon, and forest green as well as my all time favorite BLACK! Not only are these colors strong and sleek, but they also tend to slim out the bodies by blending in slightly with the background so that the focus is pulled to your face and not your body. Dark colors also create clean lines for my dancers and yogis!

*Eilish Bresnan


2. Slow down with the bright colors! - Brighter colors attract attention away from the face, so unless you are doing a movement style shoot, i would advise against these colors. If you are looking for a lighter color stick to the pastel shades!

*Devon Ross


3. Keep it FRESH with light clothing - White can be simple, yet beautiful, understated yet elegant, and FRESH!

*Brooke Schubert


4. Say NO to the funky prints/patterns! - these simply become a distraction and i tend to think makes the photo look messy. clean solid colors are the way to go!

*Gisel Costa


5. Steer clear of tanks and shorts! - Long sleeves and pants are the BEST! When the arms and legs are exposed this bring more skin in the photograph than face which can be a huge distraction, HOWEVER, if you are doing a dance or boudoir style shoot, the more skin the better!

*Ashley Rivera with make-up by Lipstick & Magic Tricks


6. Nix the accessories! - Don't over do it with a bunch of bracelets or necklaces or huge earrings. Less is more in this case!

*Melissa Mastrofilipo with make-up by Lipstick & Magic Tricks


7. Consider the neckline! - The closer to the neck, the more flattering. a wide-open neckline lends itself to a thick looking neck in photos. A turtleneck or v-neck top is most flattering as it slims and frames the face!

*Caitlin Knowles

I hope these simple wardrobe tips help you with your next shoot with me! Let's spark your inner beauty!

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