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Tuesday Tip: Mirror Mirror

Using the mirror to help you with expressions while being photographed

Every photographer will tell you, their favorite models are the ones they don't have to coach. The ones that once they hear the click of the shutter, they "turn it on" and need now direction. Being that model is hard work! One way to get to that level of confidence is by practicing mirror work. Yes that's right, staring at yourself in front of the mirror and calling it "work". It may seem silly, but it really does work! Here are some tips to make the best out of your 'mirror mirror on the wall.'

  1. Spend some time on it every day

This could be while your getting ready in the morning, right after the shower, or even as you are prepping for sleep. Taking a couple minutes to work on some different expressions and seeing which ones work best for you is great! Also, the more your face practices a certain expression, the easier it will be for you to re-create this expression without the mirror in front of you. Muscle Memory!

*Ashley Rivera - Distance Sessions

2. Don't just focus on your face

Taking advantage of that full length mirror you have in your bedroom can help you with all kinds of posing! Focus of poses that flatter your body and rule out the ones that look awkward by observing what they look like. Mirrors are great because when in front of the camera we don't have the ability to see ourselves.

*Rachel Kordell - Creative Collab After Dark Session; makeup by Lipstick & Magic Tricks

3. Practice portraying a range of emotions

Being able to convey all kinds of emotions from happy, sad, fear, lust, disgust, joy, etc. can prove to be super helpful in any shoot. It will also give you a wide range of images to be taken rather than having the same face in each shot.

*Janel Manente - Distance Sessions

4. Do your mirror work alone

Being alone will only benefit you as making faces at yourself in the mirror will feel extra silly if there is someone there with you, unless they get in on the fun! Being alone also helps you find the looks YOU love without being distracted or guided by someone else's views and opinions.

*Johnny Buehler - Distance Sessions

5. It's ok to feel funny about it

Staring at yourself in the mirror and making faces will obviously not feel too natural at first, but the more you practice and the more you let go, the more confident you will feel in front of the camera at your next session. And who knows, maybe become a photographer favorite!

*Brooke Schubert - Distance Sessions

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