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Tip Tuesday : Wanna Be On Top?

I'm not sure about you, but I've been bindge-watching America's Next Top Model since seasons 19 & 20 came to Netflix. I'm not afraid to admit it, but I LOVE this show! I even get some ideas for creative collars with Mariel or even some artistic vision ideas from the amazing, yet sometimes outrageous photoshoots the contestants do!

So for this tip Tuesday I wanted to share some tips from Tyra Banks herself from a Seventeen article she did back when the show was at its height of popularity. So here you have some model don'ts ( and a do!)

*Into The Woods Creative Collab; Model: Hannah Jensen, Makeup: Lipstick & Magic Tricks

Do not be a "no-neck monster." Try to elongate your neck for maximum extension.
Do not pose like a hoochie. (If you don't know what a hoochie is, er...that's probably best.)
Do not be a limp noodle. Always pose with tension in your body completely from H2T (head to toe).
Do not play it safe and stay in the same pose. Mix it up with innovative poses. Your wildest pose could be the one that's picked.
Do not show up to a photo shoot unless you are clean shaven, have a clean face, and clean hair.
Do not let hating how your hair or makeup is done affect your performance. Model through it.
Do not stare aimlessly when posing. Create intensity for the camera through your eyes. Smize (smile with your eyes)!
Do not slouch on the runway; pretend you have a wire through your spine that is pulling you up to the ceiling.
Do not be forgettable. Make an impression by showing your distinctive personality.
Do request to have your favorite music playing when you do a shoot! The beat will kick your poses up 10 notches!

*seventeen magazine 2011

*Into The Woods Creative Collab; Model: Rachel Kordell, Makeup: Lipstick & Magic Tricks

I hope this list can help you feel more confidents in your next shoot with me! And if you have been shooting with me, you know I preach all things Tyra!

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