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Tuesday Tip - Posing

I know many of you may be nervous to be in front of the camera, but fear not! I'm here to help you feel confident! Here's my tip Tuesday for you (complete with examples from my shoots!)

8 Quick Posing Tips for Aspiring Models

1. Think of your hair placement.

* Rachel Kordell w. makeup by Lipstick & Magic Tricks

I love to tell my clients to use their hair like a prop! It gives them the chance to have a little fun! Plus the shots always come out amazing!

2. Always position your chin forwards.

*Ashley Rivera w. makeup by Lipstick & Magic Tricks

In shoots you will always hear me saying, "lift your chin!" This is because it almost always makes you appear taller and more vibrant in photos and makes you feel stronger and confident in your posing!

3. Place your arm slightly away from your body.

*Angela Quintano w. makeup by Lipstick & Magic Tricks

I love this tip especially for seated poses! Moving that arm slightly away from the body creates lines! Lines are beautiful, Especially curved lines! Accentuate your hips and waist by creating lines.

4. Leave your waist open.

*Alyssa Blazofsky

This helps create less bulk in your midsection! Use those arms and have a little fun with them, Vogue!

5. Turn your shoulders slightly to avoid being photographed straight on.

*Hannah Jenson w. makeup by Lipstick & Magic Tricks

I love this tip! Adding some dimension to your photo by angling the body always helps you feel less awkward!

6. Ensure that you have a strong posture.

*Chelsey Nagy and Wilson

Wether you are standing or sitting, I think posture is important! However that doesn't mean your back needs to be pin straight! Posture has a lot to do with the pose, so think strong and not small!

7. Keep your shoulders back.

*Eilish Bresnan

This helps keep your neck nice and long and again creates those lines and confidence we love to see in a photo!

8. Look directly at the camera.

*Mia and Nicole Casazza

Sometimes it's hard to know where to look, when in doubt look right into the lense, not at me! Straight-on shots can look a little off if you're not looking directly in the lense... Plus you can sometimes look slightly cross-eyed! So stare that camera down!


These are just some helpful tips (that I found from Amy Bebbington of UK models) for your next shoot! All of these tips need not be applied to every photo you take and honestly I strongly encourage against that haha! If you find your self stuck, think back to these tips and pull one out!

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